Ways to disconnect from work without leaving your seat

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Ways to disconnect from work without leaving your seat

When we work, we get so immersed in our activities that we often forget the importance of stopping and getting some rest. Our brain is not a machine that can work non-stop; on the contrary, the brain becomes saturated, both with information and with prolonged information. It is then that we suffer the consequences of stress. For this reason, during our workday, we must focus on taking breaks that allow our brain to relax and, thus, be able to think better. In order to achieve this, today we share with you some ways to disconnect from work without having to leave your seat.

Ways to disconnect from work without leaving your seat

Currently, we have many options that help us be more productive at work, but the most traditional (and, unfortunately, most forgotten) are breaks. Taking breaks between tasks has been shown to make us more productive and effective. However, our long and demanding working hours ensure that we forget about them. But breaks are perhaps the answer to some of the problems we have at work. Some of the ones that can help you the most are the ones that we propose below.

1) Listen to music

Music has an undeniable relaxing effect, so it can help control our anxiety levels and, consequently, improve our productivity. So remember: when you feel stuck in a task and need to disconnect, get some quality headphones or headphones, and listen to your favorite songs for the minutes you consider necessary. Of course, if you are going to put yourself in a task that requires a lot of concentration, try to delight your ears with instrumental music.

2) Play for a while

Another interesting idea to disconnect is to opt for a game that entertains you for a few minutes. It will help you release tension so you can return to work more relaxed. Of course, remember to measure time well, because some games can be a real vice.

3) Meditation

This point may have surprised you, but you will be more surprised to know that you only need a guided app or be inspired by relaxation music for this. It will help you lower your stress levels, leave your mind blank for a few minutes, and resume your work with fully recharged batteries.

4) Snacks

Snacks are the ideal excuses to take a break from your workday. A piece of fruit, a cookie, a piece of chocolate (if it has a high percentage of cocoa, it will be a great help for your concentration), a coffee or a tea. Take the time to enjoy your snack of the day and stay away from any distractions: to enjoy it to the fullest, focus only on its flavor.

Before saying goodbye, we want to emphasize the importance of rest in order to give the best of ourselves and improve our productivity. Therefore, it is recommended that you establish some moments to rest during your workday, always adjusted to your needs and your tastes. You can actually try different schedules or different break options to see which are the most effective for you. This way, you will avoid saturation, and you will be able to fulfill more and better with all the activities that have been assigned to you.

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