Sticky Notes and highlighters to improve your productivity

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Sticky Notes and highlighters to improve your productivity

When it comes to fulfilling our jobs, studies, and even our household chores, the organization is a key factor for us to achieve our highest level of productivity. Therefore, it is important that we dedicate all the necessary time to know what our objectives are and what type of techniques or strategies work for us to achieve them. We all have the same amount of time, but our productivity levels will depend on whether we make the most of our days to achieve the best version of ourselves.

We want to share a series of methods that work great for us with you, which only involves post-its and highlighters. So, if you want to learn to organize yourself, you cannot miss the information that we provide below.

Productivity with Sticky Notes

The sticky notes are as practical as they are simple to use and, in addition, they serve us practically to fulfill any purpose. Not surprisingly, they have been great allies in any office for many years. They have a wide variety of colors, sizes, and shapes to suit our tastes or our requirements. Some of the advantages they offer are the following.

Order the tasks

One aspect that usually presents us with great difficulties when it comes to being productive is the ordering of tasks. One of the simplest solutions is to create a list of tasks that are ordered according to their urgency and importance. The most imminent should be those that you must solve that same day, while the tasks that can wait are those that do not necessarily have to be performed on the current date.

Once you have determined the order of the tasks, you can assign a color of posit to each of the categories: important, urgent, and “can wait.” Write each task in its corresponding color and order them by importance. This way, you will establish what you must comply with first, also saving you possible oversights. As you finish the tasks, you can mark the specific task with a check.

Daily routine

Creating and, above all, maintaining a routine is an arduous purpose to achieve, although it is definitely not impossible. To be consistent, you can use the huge offer of posits. For example, you can remind yourself of your motivations by writing them in different sticky notes and arrange them in those places that you frequent most frequently, with your work desk or the refrigerator.

Ideas and inspiration

Another very interesting use of posit is that of immediate annotation. This implies that you write in them ideas that have arisen and that you want to return to, or even inspirational words that you want to reflect on later.

Highlighter productivity

Highlighters not only enhance the aesthetic aspect of our annotations, giving them a fun and cheerful character, but they also allow us to establish organizational techniques that perhaps you had not even suspected. Keep reading and discover some of them.

Buy only the necessary colors

It is possible that among its more fluoride options and its new pastel shades, it will be difficult for you to decide which to opt for, but you must comply with it because, otherwise, the use of many colors can have the opposite effect. Our recommendation is that you always keep the colors you choose to create a mental routine when it comes to understanding your annotations.

Highlighters and planner

A planner will help us greatly to organize our entire day. You can assign a color for each activity (events, work, home) and even use symbols to create a personalized legend that you will gradually internalize. At the end of the day, highlighters help us highlight the most important information so that, visually, our minds retain the data better.

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