How to increase the authority of a domain?

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How to increase the authority of a domain?

Do you work with SEO or want to know how to make your company’s website come first on Google? Whatever your case, knowing how to increase the authority of a domain is something you need to master.

But why?

Well, domain authority is an indicator of your site’s relevance to search engines like Google. 

Remember that it is directly linked to the success of an SEO strategy, since the greater the authority of a domain, the greater the chances of reaching the top positions of Google.

To help you in this mission, we have separated the 5 main techniques to increase the authority of a domain. 

1 – Always be ahead of the competition

Some people may get lost when setting a score of 100 as a DA goal. This is because it is something that ends up being very distant from reality.

In this sense, we cannot forget the main objective, which is to overcome the competition.

Considering this, the goal is to achieve a higher score than theirs. Thus, you will achieve higher positions and, consequently, more clicks on your site!

To do this, first of all, you must analyze your main competitors and find out what the authority of their domain is. Want to know how to do this?

Well, today, there are already several tools that measure the DA of the sites. But here we are going to recommend Moz, for being the creator of this index and providing more assertive results.

Moz offers a free tool to discover the DA of any website. To use it is very simple, just add the Mozbar extension in the Google Chrome browser and access the sites you want to discover the authority. 

2 – Make an analysis of the backlinks of your website

Once you’ve analyzed the competition and set your goal, it’s time to look inside. 

It is essential to analyze your own website to increase the authority of your domain. That’s because only then will you find bottlenecks that may be making you lose points.

As we already said, backlinks are the main factors related to DA. So scanning them is essential. From there, you will be able to devise the most appropriate strategy.

3 – Remove low quality backlinks

Have you done an analysis and identified that there are poor quality sites pointing to yours? So you need to remove them as soon as possible!

To find out what these sites are, you should look at each domain in the list of URLs you got on Google Search Console. 

In addition to the authority of each domain, it is important to take into account the quality of the content produced in them and the evidence of dubious practices, such as the SPAM index.

That done, you must show Google that you are rejecting the links for the domains in question. 

But how do you do that?

In Google Search Console itself, in the option “Reject links,” it is possible to indicate these links so that Google does not take them into account and penalize your site.

4 – Partner with sites with a DA greater than yours

In addition to removing bad links from your site, it is essential to get links from relevant sites that have a higher AD than yours.

In doing so, you will become increasingly recognized by Google. That’s because sites that he already “trusts” are pointing you as a reference. 

Do you know how to get these links?

Well, the most common way to get links is by partnering with guest posts. Upon obtaining them, the partner site will include the link to your site in articles on their blog. 

It is worth remembering that this is usually a two-way street. This means that, possibly, your partner will also request links from your site to his.

Attention: when getting such partnerships, you need to make sure that they are not nofollow links, as this type of link is not considered by Google.

5 – Create quality content

Last but certainly not least, one way to increase the authority of a domain is to produce quality content, and that has two reasons.

The first is that, when producing valuable, unique content that delivers relevant information, you have a good chance of getting good backlinks naturally. 

That’s because other sites will use you as a reference to complete any information they don’t have on the site itself, referring you to their readers.

The second reason is in the user experience, which is one of the pillars on which Google has been based. So, once you answer users’ questions completely and objectively, you will certainly earn points with it!

Ernest Walter

Author Since: February 9, 2021

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