How important is it to have a secure website for your business?

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How important is it to have a secure website for your business?

If this is not a very clear concept for you, secure sites are those that offer connections and access, especially when it comes to financial operations, protected against scams and fraud caused by malicious programs, malware, for example.

These malware work to infiltrate the server of the sites and access the database of customers and then act in bad faith and apply the most diverse scams. 

A secure website offers much more than well-structured e-commerce or online store, good delivery and payment options, but it also provides all the necessary equipment so that there is no security problem, both for customers and for the company itself. 

Why is it so important to have a secure website?

The security of your website has a strong impact on the way search engines will view your pages. 

This is because Google, for example, gives more and more importance to the user experience, as people want to be sure that they are browsing secure pages, especially when providing personal data, such as credit cards.

Nothing more fair, is it?

Pages that display “not being safe” messages when opened are extremely “film burners.” 

When a user enters a site like this, usually their first reaction is to leave and click on the competitor’s page, causing traffic to be lost. We don’t want that! 

Secure shopping site: MUST-HAVE 

The security sites is something that makes it essential for all types of any segment sites, but especially for online stores and e-commerce or any other site that captures user data. 

Not to mention that unsafe sites can be more easily hacked, and if that happens, they will probably lose all of their rankings and will no longer be indexed by Google, negatively impacting their SEO strategies.

Imagine just having an entire optimization job, with content creation, backlinks generation, etc., and seeing all of this going downhill due to the lack of security on your site? It is certainly something that nobody wants to go through. But how to avoid it? 

SSL / HTTPS certificate: Creating secure connections

The best way to guarantee the security of the websites is to acquire a digital security certificate. They can encode login data and credit and debit card data so that they are read-only by the website and customer servers.

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One of the most basic is the SSL certificate – Secure Socket Layer -, recommended for all online businesses that deal with sensitive customer data. 

SSL is something so beneficial that it is even a tiebreaker criterion in terms of ranking for Google, that is, sites that have the certificate have an advantage over those that do not. 

SSL scrambles data like names, email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, bank information in general, etc., and creates something like an access key that the server can only interpret.

How do I know if a website is secure?

The certificate is described as Google as something that “helps prevent attackers from breaking communications between their websites and users’ browsers”. 

The search engine identifies addresses that have SSL with the acronym HTTPS (hypertext, the acronym is in English) and the green padlock icon in the navigation bar.  

That is why it is important to activate the HTTPS protocol. Besides guaranteeing users a secure encrypted and authenticated connection, it still announces this, making it a great way to transmit credibility and security. 

Other security measures for a website

Care is never too much, is it? Check out some more related to the security of a website :

Regular backups

When it comes to safety, problem prevention is the best medicine. Therefore, making regular backups of all content on the site is very important.

This ensures that you do not have to start over from scratch if the content is lost for any reason. 

Put it to the test

Another security measure that should be taken is tests that can identify any vulnerabilities on your site. 

In one of these, your address still earns a shielding site seal, attesting that tests are done regularly. 

The shielding makes a kind of audit and a scan that is able to find security holes so that they can be corrected. 

There is also the possibility to manually carry out this verification, simulating an attacker’s steps to find out if he would find any fault.


It is important that you keep in mind that technology evolves every day, but unfortunately, the action and knowledge of bad people also grows, and new ways of hacking websites and circumventing security measures are created.

Lucky for us, address protection services and programs, such as SSL certificates, will be updated so that defenses are always up to date. However, it is necessary to keep them running at all times, according to the latest update. 

Ernest Walter

Author Since: February 9, 2021

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