Everything you need to know to transform your company’s Instagram

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Everything you need to know to transform your company’s Instagram

According to recent research, Instagram is the best performing social network in terms of engagement. Understand how to take care of your company’s profile.

You enter the subway car and look around, practically everyone with their eyes on smartphone screens. You go into a cafe and what you find is not much different. How many times have you come across that scene of having a room full of people who are focused on the smartphone instead of interacting with each other? And there is no denying it: in this online immersion process, Instagram is among the most accessed apps. In fact, according to a survey conducted in 2019 by Socialbakers, a digital marketing performance and analysis company, Instagram is the social media that stands out the most in terms of user engagement – even ahead of Facebook itself. The study took into account data from more than 10 billion content generated by more than 17 million social media profiles. 

1) Digital presence: don’t stay out of Instagram

First of all, you need to know the audience you are targeting well. This will influence the visual language that will be adopted, the tone and communication of the contents, the frequency of posts, the formats adopted, among other details. 

2) Use a commercial Instagram profile

If you want to achieve good results, it is important that your account is commercial. In addition to demonstrating professionalism, you can also take advantage of some exclusive features for commercial profiles, such as the creation of a virtual store on the platform. If you don’t want to create your store there, you can use the clickable link “Buy now” in your posts and direct your audience to your e-commerce. 

In addition to these facilities, the commercial account provides extremely relevant information about your audience, such as impression, reach, and engagement of the posts. The analyses also show access information by gender, age, location, times, and days with the highest access volume. Finally, the commercial account allows you to access strategic data so that you can talk to your audience in an increasingly assertive way.

If you have made your company account as a common user profile, it is possible to migrate it to a commercial profile.

3) Be clear and objective

If in the subtitles you have more creative space for texts (the ideal size varies a lot according to each business and with the purpose, you want to achieve), in the bio, you have to appreciate objectivity! After all, there are only 150 characters to show visitors who you are, where you are, and what you offer.

4) Take care of your account with affection

There is no point in producing material for Instagram if you do not monitor the performance of everything carefully and carefully. Respond to comments, interact with your users, promptly answer any questions that arise.

Ernest Walter

Author Since: February 9, 2021

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