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There is also a branch in Myeongdong which offers more music than the main one but I don’t think I’ll be going here — too bad. If you should be near Bukchon-dong, there was a fantastic club by a shopping shopping center called ‘Lantern House’. A buddy of mine took me here and we enjoyed their products and karaoke. This friend also remarked that it’s outstanding destination to have a karaoke celebration.

We’ll publish the internet site of this place later on. Gangnam has lots of famous stars. Lots of famous movie stars have actually their particular nightclubs right here. If you’d like to have a good time and fulfill some of them, it is best to come in their season. Whether they have their very own nightclub, you can get a pass to attend their activities. That way, you can look at to meet up them at a personal occasion. What are the most useful things to do in Gangnam?

First of all, it is possible to just take a taxi ride around Gangnam. It is a sensible way to understand whole area and take to a number of the restaurants in the region. You can get lost if you should be maybe not with some body that knows their way around. The taxis provides you to the places you need to see. JTBC Hangover is in the second floor of the building on a single road. I was there last night. I really like their selection.

If only they had more feminine DJs to relax and play feminine music instead of hoping to get every Korean female to sing (perhaps not that their female DJ’s are not good). We only found one DJ here that seemed to choose feminine music — DJ Mina (Mina’s Room). She played a few tracks from female acts that I remember and she put on outstanding set. In addition they had fantastic house music mixed in. Regrettably, the other night, there were two male DJs whom didn’t mix any hip-hop/dancehall tracks in.

But even if the music played in JTBC is mainly Korean pop, it’s still good to know foreign songs too (or to pay attention to foreign music) in Seoul, specially when you’re surrounded by countless Koreans. While a good nightlife experience requires you to definitely have fun and meet new friends, in addition require the time and energy to take a look at all the sights through your daytime tasks, if it is visiting museums, enjoying a film, shopping at neighborhood areas or doing office work.

Therefore if the nightlife will not match your daily routine, do not worry. You aren’t alone, everyone has to pay for their bills somehow! Therefore would you genuinely wish to know the roads of Seoul that offer probably the most nightlife?

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