Benefits of setting up a store on Amazon

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Benefits of setting up a store on Amazon

Amazon is one of the world’s leading e-commerce platforms, with millions of users. For those who have their own product or store, registering on the website is an excellent opportunity to sell more using the active customer base in the marketplace.

But if you are not aware of it, follow the topics below and see how easy it is to advertise and sell that way.

How does Amazon work?

Amazon is a marketplace platform that connects users with sellers. From the official website or application, advertisers will be able to include product data so that they are available in the store. Thus, when a registered user searches, he/she will be able to compare the offers available between Amazon sellers. In this sense, Amazon acts as a purchasing mediator – guaranteeing both the customer and the seller security in the entire sales process: in the search, payment method, and after-sales.

Is Amazon reliable?

Yes, Amazon is a reliable company. Like most marketplace sites, the level of reliability depends on the company that is selling. In other words, on the platform, it will be possible to find stores that are well rated and poorly rated by users – which makes it essential for customers to do a prior survey before buying.

Still, for those who are on the site in order to sell, there are several advantages. Amazon is the site that charges one of the lowest rates on the market, for example, and has the possibility of tracking the product itself with a transfer of up to 14 days from the date of sale.

Benefits of setting up a store on Amazon:

  • Notoriety and credibility of Amazon. Let’s be honest, if we ran a random survey, what would be more likely, that they would have heard of your online store or Amazon? Amazon and other “marketplaces” such as Aliexpress, etc. They have prestige due to their size, and they have been on the market for a long time. This makes users have more confidence in them, than in an unknown one. It does not mean that a small company is worse, but simply, you will have to make many more efforts to generate trust in the user so that they buy from your online store, than if you already belonged to an established market.
  • Extensive infrastructure: With this, we do not want you to abandon your online sale if you have it, but to complement it. Expand your profits by taking advantage of the infrastructures and experience that large companies already have established. These mature companies in the market have built an ecosystem that would hardly be possible for a small company to replicate. Take advantage of its structure and business model as many sellers do by choosing it to complete their online sales.
  • Taxes Vs. Large Overhead Expenses: Do not comment on the mistake of looking only at the royalties or fees charged by Amazon. Stop and think about the investment that you would have to make in both time and money to build your own sales channel without forgetting the outlay necessary to direct traffic to it. To this, you have to add one more factor: that you are not guaranteed success. The situation changes, right? However, large marketplaces such as Amazon allow you to sell online with little risk, and most of their rates are only applied per sale, so they would be predetermined and easily accounted for in your pricing structure.
  • User experience: End customers highly value the ease of making the purchase and the experience they have in doing so. Like Amazon, companies that are already established have very studied and tested the user experience. So don’t hesitate to benefit from one of the secrets that make Amazon a highly successful sales channel both locally and internationally.

Ernest Walter

Author Since: February 9, 2021

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