5 Tricks to improve your memory

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5 Tricks to improve your memory

Memory works like a muscle, the more you exercise and use it, the more it develops and the better performance you can get from it. If you think you are a forgetful person with a bad memory, do not worry, we want to give you a hand to solve it. Using and exercising your memory frequently is important to improve it and avoid diseases and disorders associated with it. The body of people has adapted to live many more years than we lived before, the mind needs training to reach that same adaptation.

Do you want to remember the syllabi in the exams better? Don’t need the agenda to remember everything? Improve your brain health? Let’s go for it!

5 techniques to improve memory

Learn something new every day

The popular saying goes that “you will not go to bed without knowing one more thing. ” It is important that every day we learn something new, that is, that we add another block of information to our brain so that it does not lose the habit of carrying out this process.

Learning something every day can be done in many ways, from reading a book or article to learning to play a song or speak a new language. Never stop learning as you will not only help your memory, but you will also become a more cultured person.

What did you eat yesterday and before yesterday?

This exercise may seem silly, but you may be surprised that it is not as easy as it sounds. Do you remember what you ate and dined yesterday? And before yesterday? If you do not remember or it has been difficult for you to cut yourself short, do not give up.

This exercise is very simple, but it helps to improve memory by training it to save information in the medium and long term. Ask yourself these two questions every day and focus until you remember the answers. You will see how it can be a bit expensive at first, but you will have improved your memory noticeably in a matter of a month, and it will not cost you so much to remember.

Use Mnemonics 

The human brain can store information in many ways, some being more efficient than others. Mnemonics are a coding system that allows you to store and retrieve this information simpler and faster. 

Play and improve your memory

Playing video games and board games will help you improve your memory and the rest of your mind’s skills. But don’t get excited! Not all video games are suitable for this, most like shooters, sports, and racing games will only help you improve your coordination, your speed of response, and reflex actions (in this case, it is not what we are looking for). The games of strategy, puzzles, and graphic adventure are the ones that will help you the most to improve your memory since they force you to «rake your brains.»

Also, board games such as chess, sudoku, monopoly, and specific memory games will help you.

Organize your memory

If you need to store a large amount of information, for example, for a career test, learn a language, or for a business presentation to investors, you must organize this information in your brain to make it easier for you to retrieve.

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